How To Shoot Low By Moving Boulders Like Tiger Woods At The Waste Management

How To Shoot Low By Moving Boulders Like Tiger Woods At The Waste Management

How To Shoot Low By Moving Boulders Like Tiger Woods At The Waste Management 

All golfers hit bad shots, even the best players in the world. It’s just something that no golfer is immune from.

What matters is what you do after you hit a bad shot.

Now I know that you’ve seen the world's best hit miraculous recovery shots which puts them back into position to make a par or a birdie.

How do they make it look so easy almost every time?

When a Pro finds themselves in trouble they use this simple golf secret to weigh all their options before hitting their recovery shot…

And I’m going to tell you what this secret is in a minute but first, does this sound familiar?

Tiger Vs The Boulder

It was the final day of the 1999 Waste Management Phoenix Open.

Tiger Woods teed off of the 585-yard, par-5 13th hole. Tiger's tee shot while being just off the fairway had come to rest about two feet directly behind a boulder.

Tiger asked the official, “It’s not a pebble…is it still considered a loose impediment?

The official told Tiger that it was a loose impediment as long as he could get enough people to move it real quick.

After this golf history was made as about 20 people from the gallery stepped up and rolled the boulder out of the way.

Tiger put his next shot in the bunker but was still able to get up and down for birdie. He shot a 68 on that final day and finished in 3rd place.

Here’s the link to watch history in the making: Fans come to Tiger Woods' rescue at 1999 Phoenix Open

Like I said earlier, the pros use this simple golf secret to weigh all their options…

This is one of the big differences between the best in the world…and the rest of us.

Case In Point…

I was playing the TPC Stadium Course in Scottsdale a few weeks ago…on track to shoot a 79…

Until I pushed a shot to the right…To my dismay, it landed right behind the grandstands. I had a very narrow window to try to feed my ball through to get it on the green…

Unfortunately, I did not use the simple easy secret that the pros use…

Let’s be real, most of us don’t! Instead, shots like this turn into more of a “Hold my beer and watch this!”

Needless to say, I hit the grandstand HARD!!

Here’s the LINK so that you can listen to the loud WHACK!

I’ve been playing golf for a couple years and I have never hit anything that hard.

After posting this video on TikTok & IG, I had a friend reach out who is a PGA professional and he gave me some advice that has really started to change how I approach shots when I’m in trouble.

See, the secret that the Pro’s use when they're in trouble to weigh all their options…

Is to VISUALIZE every possible shot outcome…

Then you just choose the best option available.

Visualization is easy to do if you use this simple three-step method…

  1. Consider the lie. Your aiming point is going to be different depending on where the ball is sitting. Is it in the deep rough? Is it partially in a water hazard? What’s the ball going to do when it comes out of that lie?
  2. Look at all obstacles in your flight path. This is an important one to know the rules on. Can you move the obstacle? Or do you have to take your medicine and just get it back into the fairway?
  3. Choose the proper club. The club you use depends on the lie and how well the ball is sitting up. If you are in the long grass and you're going for it you will definitely need to club up. Same with a partial water hazard.

Here’s The Real Deal

All players hit bad shots and get into trouble. It’s okay. The important thing to remember is when you're trying to recover from trouble with the least amount of strokes…

You have to visualize every possible shot outcome by considering your lie, looking at all the obstacles in your flight path, and choosing the proper club.

If you can do this successfully then one of the most iconic slogans ever comes into play…VICTORY!

And if you're not victorious?... Well, there’s always beer or a cocktail!

Just remember golf is supposed to be a fun game, and if you're having a good time…looking good…and feeling good…then your going to play good too!

When asked why you decided to play a particular shot…simply respond with GOLF MADE ME DO IT!

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